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As always, we are looking for good people to rep our line. So if you would like to offer our T-shirts, Events or Gear to people in your area.  Let us know and we can give a great distributors discount on larger quantities. Thanks.





MOFRENZ in the not so deadly parts of Mexico’s “deadliest city” This is a short clip from a few sessions we had at one of the many fun waves scattered all over Guerrero and Acapulco. Once you make it past the negative media via El Norte’. You’ll be greeted by great food, good waves and irie locals.

MoFrenz in IndoSo If you happen to be making the trip to one of the world’s most beautiful and friendliest islands. Get in touch with us. Also we have a great driver who gives incredible deals to our frenz… Make the most of your trip. You can see an awesome video of his service (walk volcanos, swim with manta rays, see ancient temples, surf incredible waves; ) also on the youtube MOFRENZ channel. Check it out…You’ll wanna book your ticket right after you watch it. Terima Kasi …… link below for epic video!    Contact Ketut for Reservations:    Facebook/KetutDriver   ig: @ketutdriver

This is a little edit of some footage Andrew Ebert and Chris Taloa came up with, with some clips they had in their stash. This is footage and riders from Cali, Mexico, Hawaii and beyond.


Photography by: Miranda N. Ebert @itszombae


284517_376215739117840_2136714237_nThis is from the old min backyard min ramp. These are actually pretty easy to create. As long as you have the wood and the motivation. Contact us at MoFrenz if you plan on building one.


We LOVE camping!20150704_9999_36

More Indo…

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Sponsors & Support

Special thanks to all the support we get through the years. These good people contribute to a greater cause out of the kindness of their hearts. So we’d just like to say thank you and to please support these great companies so that we can all sustain our positive contributions to the world.

Custom X Bodyboards









  IBEWlocal 569


Opies’s Smokehouse 

C2Financial Corporation 

Man Over Board


 Shaka Drywall & Paint

Investments & Donations

Click below how you can be an investor in the MoFrenz family….

As always we appreciate your donations and contributions to our events and projects.  Above is a link where you can truly become an investor to MoFrenz and receive a tax write off as well.  Along with knowing that you are part of something much bigger than just another company out there, you are truly changing the lives of others in a positive direction.

…. and if you simply had a board, wetsuit or gear to contribute to one of our events. We have locations you can drop them off at. Like Custom X in Oceanside, or other partners in LA, Ventura and Orange County. Check out the MoFrenz facebook page to link up with other like minded contributors.