Welcome to the MoFrenz website. This will help you get an idea of MoFrenz and our mission… Well, It’s a loooooong story, but…It started off as a “brainchild” and small surf gathering to say “Gracias” (thank you) to the surfers, skaters and fishermen we made friends with while camping in Baja for so many years. One “gathering” which became two gatherings, in which became an actual “event“…(These were definitely not your normal “surf events”). In which the #BajaBoogieFiesta was created. But with the success in that, I wanted to do something bigger to help bridge friends and communities locally and internationally by uniting and converging grassroots groups, organizations and most of all, like minded individuals. People who all share the mutual passion to make this a better world. By the simple gifts, talents and abilities they have been blessed with. From surfers, snowboarders & skaters… to graffiti artists and musicians… to construction workers and software developers. People from all walks of life. Politically correct? Maybe, maybe not, but whats so correct about politics? When in the end, we all leave a legacy each day. We all want to help our community and see our friends and family live better and struggle less. Significance is success. So this is ours mission…

 You are a unique “1” on this planet of 7.3 billion others to share it with. Instagram, Facebook, MySpace, the internet… all ways for us to be connected. Ways to share our stories. We ALL have something positive to contribute. Because, what is life without that friend or loved one to share your experiences with?… Seriously?… In the big picture, we are ALL connected (way before the internet)… A friend who knows a friend, who helps a friend, who knows a friend, who helps a friend…and so on. That is why we named it “MoFrenz”. Because we all have those good frenz in life we can talk to, look out for, and depend on.  That mutual connection is something very powerful and valuable. MoFrenz… embraces, harnesses and represents that energy.

MoFrenz is a non-profit group that wants to bring businesses and individuals together for events, products and gatherings to educate and represents the creative energy of these good people. While offering quality, sustainable products and services to be our conduit to help create less struggle and more cures to the causes. Our events and products not only provide a source for us to give back to the communities but also to inspire and promote other companies and recourses available. So if you have a cause that you would like MoFrenz to be a part of/ promote and/or Visa Versa, please contact us…. and stay tuned to this site for more info, products and events.

Thank You, Andrew… founder of MoFrenz




2 Responses to Bio

  1. aaron fernandes says:

    Hey dude,

    Dig you grassroots efforts to bring bodyboarders together. Keep up the good work.
    FYI I used to ride with Keta back when he still bodyboarded and I lived on Wisconsin St.

    Aaron Fernandes


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